An Introduction to Californio Style Horsemanship with Bruce Sandifer

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 8

The bridle is a tool for connecting your body to the front of the horse and for supporting their balance. This is according to Californio-style horseman Bruce Sandifer. Bruce explains his horsemanship philosophy and his views on balance, self-carriage and communication between horse and rider.

The beauty of the bridle horse is that it is communication through signal and understanding, not force or intimidation. The weight and movement of the reins as well as the weight of the rider is enough to cue the horse once he has understanding. It is important to give your horse time to understand – even if he does not do as you ask at first, simply wait and try again. Rather than taking time to take the brace out of a horse it is better not to build the brace to begin with.

The original length of this clip is 11 minutes 51 seconds

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