“Whistle, Grin, & Ride”

Photo of Ray Hunt and author Carson Robbins in the background.

On the twelfth day of March Two Thousand and Nine
The world lost a Great Horseman… a Mentor of mine
His message was clear and direct and sometimes blunt
This Master Horseman… his name Ray Hunt
Ray was the first one to go down the road
He brought an approach that we all needed showed
His clinics all started in his usual style
He told us some stories that ended with a smile
Ray’s message was clear and he never lost course
“I’m not here for fame and fortune I’m here for the Horse”
Ray sat a horse as pretty as could be
He was in Harmony with them, this was plain to see
It looked like he grew right out from their back
The horses were focused and the reins, they were slack
Ray didn’t use gimmicks or marketing plans
His message was simple “Control the Feet, Release with the hands”
Ray Hunt is an Icon that had a strong voice
And of all the Clinicians, He was my choice
There are lots of great horsemen under the sun
But in my eyes Ray Hunt,You Are Number One
Ray’s passing has saddened me on this March day
But I know he’s in Heaven and I’ll bet on a Gray
Ray’s lessons were simple, straightforward and clear
He traveled the World with a message to share
Ray had a vast knowledge of a horse’s insides
He made us aware of their strong sense to survive
“Whatever the Horse does he’s Never wrong”
“Give’m time, Hang in There, don’t worry it won’t take long”
Ray’s words of wisdom will always ring true
And I’m a much better horseman because of you
The last clinic I rode in was June of ’08
And Ray you were awesome, fantastic & especially Great
Ray your life has come full circle as you cross that Great Divide
And We All Know once again You Will Whistle,Grin and Ride…..

Thank You and God Bless

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