Website Hosting

The easiest way to think of hosting is as the place where your Web site lives, waiting for people to type in your domain name, and for that computer to serve it up. There are many options available, but it’s our personal service and attention to detail that is what sets apart from other providers.

Hosting includes 1 hour of basic changes/updates/maintenance for each $35 per month, or 3 hours total per quarter billing cycle. You cannot bank any time you do not use and carry it forward to the next billing period. Once the next billing cycle has started, you start back at 3 whether or not you have made any updates and changes during the previous quarter. Most updates will fall well within this time frame, but if we determine any work you request will exceed 3 hours, or require significant design changes, we will consult with you before the work is started so you know upfront what you will be spending for the additional time. All basic design work that goes beyond this allotted 3 hours per quarter is billed at $50 an hour. Flash is billed at $75 an hour. Custom programming is $100 an hour.

We work entirely in good faith, and don’t require you to sign any contracts. You are free to move your domain to another hosting provider at any time you wish, but we do expect some heads up as a courtesy if you do make that choice. This approach has worked very well over the years for our clients. It should also be noted that domain names come up for renewal every year and vary in prices depending on the registrar. If we control your domain name, we will renew it with Network Solutions when the time comes and charge you accordingly on your next hosting invoice. If you control the domain name you are fully responsible for keeping it current.

Hosting fees do not start until your site is completed and launched, if launched in the middle or a quarter, your bill will be prorated to reflect launch date. There is a $100 dollar setup fee. Please email us at for an outline of the process of having a site built, hosted, maintained, and all the fees that go along with it.

Eclectic Horseman will make every effort to keep all its customers websites, ad campaigns, statistics, and email serving 24/7/365 and backed up offline. However, there will be some short downtimes when we require intermittent maintenance throughout the year, and typically go unnoticed. In the event of a catastrophic occurance such as a power outage at the facility where our servers are housed, a computer hardware failure, or a denial of service hack attack there may be considerable downtime. We will make every attempt to restore our services as fast as possible, but Eclectic Horseman will not be held responsible for any loss of data should that occur.