The Parallel

By Rio Painter

(Penned July 2nd 2023)

What goes through your mind when I pick up on the reins?

I want my thoughts to become yours and yours to become mine
I want us to be one and completely in time

When I pick up, I want your feet to get careful and wait for me
This is something I love to feel and see

I want to be in tune with your every step and move
I want to feel it and get in the groove

I want to give you relief when you try
I want to hear you lick and see that soft look in your eye
I want to feel that wonderful thing we call try
And I want to teach you so that you’ll know why

I need you to be soft in the rib and softer in the mouth
Because I’ll need you right with me when things get fast and go south

Ill teach you what to do so that you could do it on your own
But I’ll always be there for you, you won’t have to do it alone

I don’t just want your body
I want your heart and mind
That way I can know that you’ll stay with me in a bind
I want to give you every advantage
And ride you as good as I can
I’ll admit that sometimes I feel I’ve not done you justice
And that I’m just a finger instead of a hand

In your best moments you inspire me
To be to God like you are to me

Soft and yielding like wet clay to a potter
Giving and free like smooth flowing water

You make me want to bow my head and pray;
Dear Lord,
Help me to be to you like my horse is to me
Help me to give and be soft through and through

Please make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing clear
When you call, help me to be soft and hear

Lord, I want everyone who knows me to know that I love you
Oh Lord, please keep the pressure on until my try is pure and true

Let my solace and release
Be found only in your peace

Help my conscience to stay soft between your reins
Keep me from the world’s stains…           Amen…

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