Grounding the Foot with Wendy Murdoch

Without knowing or being aware, many riders push down on their stirrups. This force of is translated into the horse’s back, the very thing we are tying to lift with good riding. In this segment Wendy Murdoch demonstrates a quick and simple way to help a rider release this pressure creating freer movement in horse […]

Comparable Parts No.5 – Why can’t I swish flies?

Have you ever watched your horse standing in the field gently swishing the flies away with his tail? Have you ever been the recipient of one of those tail swishes? It’s amazing how it can sting when the tail hair lashes across your face. You might even have thought on occasion it would be great […]

Learning Feel

Written by Wendy Murdoch This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.51 For over 20 years I have taught the biomechanics or “how” of riding. The position of the rider’s body is key to good balance and timing. Sitting crooked in the saddle creates excess tension in your muscles, which is counterproductive to good […]

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