Eclectic Conversations – International Dispatches – Antoine Cloux

Emily and Antoine Cloux caught up with each other after several years since their last meeting at the Horseman’s Reunion in Paso Robles in 2012. Antoine shared his journey of how he was introduced to western horse culture, which led him to quit his hockey career and focus on learning more about horsemanship. He explained […]

International Dispatches – Carlos Mancera Esquivel

Welcome to another kind of Eclectic Conversation; a chance to get to know horsemanship instructors from around the world. The term dispatch means “the sending of someone or something to a destination or for a purpose.” So the term seems to me to fit the collection of interviews with students from around the world who […]

International Dispatches – Eduardo Borba

Eduardo shared his experiences in the horse business, emphasizing his journey from breaking horses for friends to promoting a more empathetic method of horse training in Brazil. He discussed his trips to the United States, where he met influential figures in the industry. He also highlighted the importance of self-discovery and learning from others in […]

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