Horse Conformation Volume 2 with Deb Bennett, Ph.D.

Join us for a conversation that delves into the second volume of Dr. Deb’s fantastic  book set. This book contains the best of the world’s largest collection of conformation photos of horses belonging to people of ordinary means. Over 400 examples! Highly readable, this book is addressed to every horse owner and everyone who works […]

Eclectic Conversations – The Works of Arnold R. Rojas with Bill Reynolds

Emily and Bill Reynolds (Alamar Media, Inc.) discuss his journey with the legendary works of Arnold R. Rojas. They explore the impact of Rojas’ writing on preserving the ranching culture, and the personal motivation to keep the books in print and available to everyone at an affordable price. The conversation also touched on the ethos […]

Tom Dorrance – More Than A Horseman – John Saint Ryan

Tom Dorrance – More Than A Horseman is a unique collection of memories and anecdotes about the man who inspires us to more thoughtful horsemanship decades after his passing. Now in its second printing this wildly popular title is the jumping off point for conversations about Tom and horsemanship between Eclectic Horseman Magazine publisher Emily […]

Think Harmony with Milly Hunt Porter

Please enjoy my conversations with Milly Hunt Porter about her iconic book Think Harmony With Horses – An In-depth Study of Horse/Man Relationship By Ray Hunt Edited by Milly Hunt Porter. Milly’s groundbreaking efforts to put into print the language of horsemanship as it was developing is something we students of horsemanship continue to benefit […]

Handy Little Cowboy

photography by Sandy Black It was a cold breezy September day in Bruneau, Idaho when I walked up to the corrals at the Ace Black Ranch. Their fall branding was underway and what caught my eye instantly was a young man roping with down right proficiency. The clincher for me was finding out this young […]

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