Bring Your Students to a Clinic by Kristin Jacob

This article is from issue No.109 I am a young professional based out of Longmont, Colo., and spend much of the year competing with my clients on the “A/AA” Hunter/Jumper circuit. Superficially my clients and I fit all the stereotypes: we ride around on imported, fancy warmbloods, wear our hair up in hairnets under our […]

Ask a Horseman – Questions Answered By Buck Brannaman

This article is from issue No.109 My horse jigs when I’m riding with other horses instead of walking out. How can I work on that? It can be frustrating when you’re out riding with a group and your horse doesn’t walk out. The more your horse jigs, the more the good walking horses leave you […]

What it Takes to Stop

Written by Martin Black This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.66 It is always interesting to me when working with riders to see what they demonstrate when asked to stop their horse. Some may trot or lope out and perform a nice, soft, straight stop with the horse using his hindquarters, supple from […]

Using Natural Obstacles

With Ty Weber Short days and unpredictable weather can make for inconsistent riding in the winter and early spring. This lack of riding coupled with cool and windy days can make for distracted and energetic horses and sometimes wilder rides than we had hoped for. While riding out might seem like the last thing you’d […]

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