Ray Hunt Clinic Report

Written by Sylvana Smith Being Worthy of the Horse— Thoughts on Humility in Horsemanship A Five-Part Report on Ray Hunt’s Colt-Starting and Horsemanship Clinic Hosted by Linda Hoover and Karen Miller Southern Pines, NC – October 23-26, 1999 Dominance, force, punishment, and “alpha” status are popular themes in horsemanship. Yet profound results are achieved when […]

Should You Start Your Own Colt? Some ideas to consider if you’re wondering whether to do or delegate

Written by Sylvana Smith This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.28 Spring is finally here, and that homebred colt that was born in your pasture is now two years old and ready to do something.   He might be a little immature looking, and he still has some growing to do, but you’d […]

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