Groundwork with Dressage in Mind with Amelia Newcomb

Many people think of groundwork as something only to be done with young or inexperienced horses. In this segment Amelia Newcomb demonstrates how she uses groundwork with a focus on preparing for dressage movements once she’s in the saddle. She also shows common errors that handlers make when attempting work their horses from the ground. […]

What stands in the way of your goals? Round Table with Alicia Landman, Jim Hicks and Mindy Bower

From Issue 114 What are some of the biggest obstacles that students of horsemanship face when working to achieve their horsemanship goals? Here we pose that question to three established teachers of horsemanship to discover what they see as being their students’ greatest challenges. Alicia Landman is based in Nashville, Tennessee, She teaches lessons, from brushing […]

Goal Setting That Makes a Difference by Scott DePaolo

From Issue 113 Last issue we learned about the power of why and how knowing your why can help you accomplish big things in life. This month we will learn about the second most important tool for getting things done: goal setting. They say a person without a goal is like a ship without a […]

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