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Bryan Neubert’s Introduction to Rawhide Braiding

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Available in DVD format only.

The Cowboy’s Craft

This video is approximately two hours long and shows one way of making rawhide, and braiding 4, 8 and 12 strands. It includes all the basic buttons necessary for making reins and romal, bosals, quirts, hackamores, reatas and hobbles.

Also included are sources for tools and materials and an insert detailing string measurements for these items. The buttons and braiding are clear and easy to follow. Many people have learned to make their own gear from this tape and some have turned this knowledge into a part or full time business. This video is for the beginner or intermediate braider.

2 reviews for Bryan Neubert’s Introduction to Rawhide Braiding

  1. megan

    I bought this video to learn how to braid some of the basic knots. I had tried reading from books, looking at videos on line and was utterly frustrated. I was then at a clinic Bryan was leading and had a chance to visit with him about what he suggested for getting a handle on how to best learn these knots. He told me about the video. It is amazing. Bryan is a wonderful patient teacher-not just in person, but with his videos too. If you are looking to learn to braid, this is the best place to start!!

  2. PadlockPat

    I had admired rawhide and leather braiding, but was always making an excuse not to try it myself. Then I started to look into it and read about it. Then I became even more confused and a little frustrated. Terms like 4 bight 3 pass turks head and so on just baffled me. Then I got Bryan Neuberts Introduction to Rawhide Braiding. Once again as in his horsemanship, Bryan conveys the approach and the art in a logical and simple method and even as he describes what he is doing, it is delivered in his own happy and enthusiastic manner. Being a visual person myself, watching the DVD and following along with it made all the difference. Now I do braid and understand about the patterns and similarities in various knots and braiding approaches. This DVD is still used as a reference for when I am braiding and it means I can make good serviceable gear, enjoy making it and enjoy the final product. If you have ever felt a little overwhelmed about attempting to braid, I would highly recommend you get this DVD and use it. You will soon find a whole new world opens up for you and you will be braiding like anything. Once you have mastered this DVD, move on to Advanced Rawhide Braiding as that gives you even further scope, skills and other braided knots to try.

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