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“The Basics” and “Advanced Work” with Nuno Oliveira 2 DVD set

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These candid DVDs include unrehearsed footage of Nuno Oliveira teaching at his home manège and a little footage outside Portugal. It is amazing to watch Nuno Oliveira ride his own horses at home and to listen to his comments and descriptions of the aids while riding one of his horses. Nuno gives definitive corrections to a young student challenged by the opportunity of keeping her Grand Prix schoolmaster straight. These personal videos filmed by Eleanor Russell at Avessada, Portugal include his private, early morning training sessions. The horses are the typical, ordinary horses he used, Andalusian, Alter Real and Anglos. The DVDs are clear and simple with no interpretation from Eleanor Russell. Each film has a short introduction and minimal subtitles. Taking you back in time, these are a rare opportunity to observe his aids and corrections.

By presenting these candid, un-edited films we hope to provide an educational experience. Often the horses and riders are less than ideal. There is no attempt to edit out the mistakes.

2 DVDs included: ‘The Basics with Nuno Oliveira” and ‘Advanced Work with Nuno Oliveira.’
NTSC format

1 review for “The Basics” and “Advanced Work” with Nuno Oliveira 2 DVD set

  1. bscottston (verified owner)

    A view back in time – when technology was much poorer, but a few masters remained accessible. Not a slick how-to video where the technician spoon feeds the viewer directions. Instead, his rides require studying. What can I see? What should I be seeing? Would be a useful tool to spark a group discussion (think: book club). Much of it has only background music – no audio. When he does speak, the audio was difficult to understand. A simple transcription, crawling across the screen, would have been helpful. Still, valuable history.

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