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Eclectic Horseman Issue No.101

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May/June 2018

Feeling What a Horse Needs Part 6 – Moving With the Group and Preparation From Horseback by Tom Curtin
Tom works a newly saddled young horse loose with a group of colts and from his saddle horse in preparation for riding.

Getting With the Feet Part 1 – Lateral Movement
by Jan Young
Explore some concepts in rider position and how some simple concepts can help you get a better feel of your horse’s feet.

Roundtable: The Busy-Mouthed Horse by Tom Moates
Tom discusses his own views on busy-mouthed horses along with the views of Buck Brannaman, Ellen Eckstein and Libby Lyman.

Soft and Supple, or Light and Responsive What does that mean? And what do you want? by Martin Black
Understanding the difference can help you encourage what you are looking for in your horse.

Buster McLaury: Riding on Borrowed Horses by Debriah Wilson
A challenging start to a clinic turned into a fantastic learning experience!

Best Horse Practices Update by Maddy Butcher
An update on this year’s Summit presenters.


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