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EH Issue No.19 – Electronic Version


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September/October 2004

Separating Disrespect from Unknowing by Martin Black
Examine what Martin labels as one of the most misidentified problems in horsemanship.

Lengthening the Topline and Underline by Wendy Murdoch
Wendy gives you an exercise that guides you through the same lengthening you are looking for in your horse’s top- and underline.

Learning to Tie Safely With a Mecate by Diane Longanecker
Diane teaches you how to secure your mecate reins so you can tie your horse safely when you need to.

Safely Prepare Your Horse for Roping and Cow Work with Mike and Deanie Hosker by Gale Nelson
Part four of this four-part series teaches you to use a roping dummy effectively.

Equibalance with Julie Leiken by Emily Kitching
Julie has combined her dressage and Pilates training to teach you how to become a better rider.

Get Your Horse Forward by Going Back by Sylvana Smith
In the second installment of this three-part series with Bill Scott, Sylvana examines how backing creates lightness.

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