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EH Issue No.13 – Electronic Version (Tom Dorrance Tribute)

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September/October 2003

Tom Dorrance- More Than a Horseman by Jim Overstreet
Jim shares how Tom Dorrance influenced both him and others in deeply personal ways while working with them and their horses.

A Memorial for Tom Dorrance by Kristi Fredrickson
On June 29, 2003, friends, family, and admirers gathered in Carmel Valley, Calif., to celebrate the life of Tom Dorrance

Remembering Tom Dorrance
A collection of remembrances to mark the passing of this remarkable horseman and human being.

A Safe, Comfortable Place to Be by Diane Longanecker
How can we create a space for our horse where he feels safe and comfortable? Diane explores various ways.

Gravity, Part 2 by Wendy Murdoch
Wendy examines the second half of the horse and rider combination and how the horse’s body functions in gravity.

Elements of a Saddle Part 2 by Chuck Stormes
Saddlemaker Chuck Stormes examines the historical development of the saddle seat and the function of the seat itself.

Coggins Test- Why? by Sue Stuska Ed. D.
Sue explains the reasons behind testing, and the challenges of Equine Infectious Anemia.

The Story of Bud, Part 5 by Cheryl Kimball
Cheryl takes a break from Bud to ride her other young horse and brings back some applicable lessons.

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