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EH Issue No.105 – Electronic Version


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January/February 2019

Riding Clinic With Wendy – Leg Position By Wendy Murdoch
One of the most common challenges that riders face is having a good base of support. Wendy offers some insight into how to develop solid and functional legs when you ride.

Saddling Fallacies Part 3: The Anatomy of Saddle Fit By Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
Beginning with a discussion on what a saddle is and ending with an understanding of what makes a saddle fit.. or not.

Thoughts Around the Round Pen By Tom Moates
Have you really thought about what this tool means to the horse? Tom offers some interesting insight and perspective.

Culture Clash By Ben Longwell
Ben Longwell is a Colorado horseman who now lives and teaches vaquero styld horsemanship in New Zealand. Learn more about this cross culture connections.

The Journey Begins By Cosette Moormans
Cosette shares the start of her journey to learn alongside two traumatized mules.

Readiness: Metaphor #2 By Connie Crawford
Is your horse really with you or are you fooling yourself. Helmets & Horsemanship By Sue Chiverton Some thoughts on riding in the moment and being prepared with a helmet.

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