Interactive Arts Workshop – Association for the Promotion of the Art of Horsemanship in America

Bringing  together artists across the disciplines of riding, dance and music! 

Saturday, April 27th hosted by Windhorse International, Bethlehem, Conn

Sunday, April 28th  hosted by Rivendell Dressage, Millbrook, New York

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Both Days are Sure to Fill your Ears, Eyes and Hearts with Wonder

Through this educational event, artists will explore the various ways that they can merge their talents to createnew art andwill include musical rides accompanied by live music and dancers.

Saturday’s event will focus on teaching and will feature French Para Olympian, former stunt rider and pianist Bernard Sachse’. Bernard will be coming from France to share his perspectives on riding and artistry. Both Bernard and Bettina Drummond, the driving force behind APAHA, will be working with several of the APAHA riders with classical cellistChristine Gummereproviding music. The day includes a mounteddiscussion with Bernard and Bettina on preparing to ride to music as well as liberty work paired with dance.

El Vaquero by Ernest Morris

On Sunday Bettina and Allison Kavey with the APAHA riders and horses will be riding alongside dancers of The Equus Project accompanied by musicians from ETHEL, a New York City based quartet. APAHA riders will present their artistic creations before a panel of esteemed judges including Bernard Sachse’,Mendl Shaw, Dorothy Lawson of ETHEL and choreographer and dancer Elizabeth Streb,founder of the famous Brooklyn-based STREB and Bettina.The dancers of The Equus Project will be presenting an original work with Bettina and Macho.

We look forward to sharing these wonderful collaborations with you APAHA is a non-profit with the educational mission of advancing horsemanship as an art form. For more information and for tickets visit to

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