EH No.39 January/February 2008

cover39Problem Solving by Martin Black (read online) 
Solving a problem starts with properly identifying and addressing the cause.

A Flagging Project with Mindy Bower (read online) 
Mindy walks you through a summer project that she set up to work on two horses issues at the same time.

Leveling Your Seat Bones by Wendy Murdoch (read online) 
Having level seatbones is key to riding lateral movements successfully. Wendy guides you to finding level in your seat.

Buckaroo Gear – A Way of Life by Doreen Shumpert (read online) 
Meet Carlos Macias, a talented maker of authentic chinks and armitas, and owner of Buckaroo Gear.

Hurrying by Tom Moates 
Time with Harry Whitney causes Tom to reflect on the causes and effects of hurrying.

Your Attention Please by Jeff Derby (read online) 
Jeff explores the nature of attention and why it is critical to the learning process.

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