EH No.34 March/April 2007

cover34Fair Expectations of a New Horse by Martin Black (read online) 
Relying on what the horse tells you about his past and his education is probably safer and more fair than believing the classified ad.

Power Through the Half-Circle with Buck Brannaman 
Take the reaching exercises you have been working on into your half-circle to build more engagement.

The Buying and Selling of Horses by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver 
A tour of conscience regarding our responsibilities as horse buyers and sellers.

Unlearning the First Principle of Horsemanship by Jim Overstreet 
The idea that you can’t let a horse “get the best of you” is a common one. Jim explores the ramifications of this concept.

Weighing the Difference by Wendy Murdoch 
The discussion of weight aids can often spark debate.

Cuttin’ Through Stereotypes by Doreen Shumpert 
A profile of Terri Cooper of Yuma, Colo., who competed this year at the National Western Stock Show’s Ranch Horse Versatility Contest.

Tooling of the Trade by Doreen Shumpert (read online) 
Meet Ray Arthun, a talented craftsman who builds saddles and other gear in Franktown, Colo. 

Beginning Where We Want to End Up – For Harry Whitney by Tom Moates 
What does it mean in practice, not only in theory to begin where we want to end up?

Horsemanship in the Real World: The Nose Chain by Cheryl Kimbal

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