Developing Leg Cues with Bryan Neubert

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 7

Why ride with your feet? Bryan Neubert shares stories of his experiences working with Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and others who taught him about the development of the bridle horse. While there is often much focus on the front of the horse – the spade bit, romal reins, etc, the rest of the rider’s cues are often under-looked. Bryan explains the advantages of training your horse to recognize foot and leg cues.

Using your feet to steer your horse comes in handy especially while roping, where you only have one hand available. Now you can use one hand and two feet to direct your horse. Bryan begins by demonstrating his technique on a bridle horse and then shows us how he would begin the training process on a young filly.

The original length of this clip is 11 minutes 5 seconds

The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.07 – Summer 2011

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