Riding a New Horse with Lester Buckley

From The Horseman’s Gazette Issue No.35 Lester Buckley discusses his plan for riding his young mare for the first time after a long break. In the prior segment he prepared her on the ground for the ride that we see here. Lester starts by getting with the horse and helping her to settle her energy […]

Riding the Half-Pass with Jim Hicks

From The Horseman’s Gazette Issue No.35 When executed correctly the Half-Pass can be one of the most beautiful maneuvers in dressage. In this segment Jim Hicks discusses what foundation must be in place before attempting the half-pass and then slowly and methodically demonstrates how to correctly ride the movement. Jim also discusses common rider pitfalls […]

Warm Up In-Hand with Alice Trindle

From The Horseman’s Gazette Issue No.35 Every horse’s personality is quite different and being able to have the tools to adjust to these differences separate a rider from a horseman. Sometimes we might have a plan to do something in particular with our horse that he isn’t quite mentally or physically prepared for. Alice Trindle […]

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