Profile of Artist Karmel Timmons

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue Karmel Timmons is a talented pencil artist known for her exquisitely detailed equestrian portraits. In her 10-year career, her work has become well appreciated by the equine community and has amassed a large number of awards and accolades. With her great eye for contrast and composition, Karmel turns […]

Introduction to Rope Types with Scott Grosskopf

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue Which rope to handle? Montana cowboy and owner of Buckaroo Businesses Scott Grosskopf shows us a sample of his collection and discusses how to choose the right rope for the job. Factors such as rope material, length, number of strands, direction of twist and the type of hondo […]

Hackamore Safety and Tips with Richard Caldwell

Watch the Full Video Here The hackamore is the first step in the development of the traditional bridle horse. Richard Caldwell offers some tips on safety and care for the hackamore. First he demonstrates how to tie the mecate to the bosal and measure the rein length that is right for your horse. Then he […]

Cow Work – Riding Around the Herd with Joe Wolter

Working cows is a fun and practical way to develop a horse and rider. Understanding where to place yourself in order to influence the cow is part of the first steps in this learning process. Joe Wolter demonstrates an exercise he uses to teach positioning on a young horse. This practical application is an excellent […]

Finding and Understanding Your Hips with Wendy Murdoch

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue A good seat is an important aspect to any good rider. An better understanding of anatomy may help you to improve your seat and balance in the saddle. Wendy Murdoch helps a student develop a greater awareness of her hip joints and how they function in relation to […]

Handling Weanlings on Foot – Part 1 with Bryan Neubert

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue A great finish often comes from a great start. Bryan Neubert demonstrates how he introduces himself to two weanlings on foot. He begins with basic skills such as catching and haltering, then progresses to preparation for saddling. A flag can be used as an extension of your arm […]

Cow Horse Turnarounds with Buck Brannaman

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue Confused around the turnaround? In this segment horseman Buck Brannaman explains the proper form and function of a cow horse turn. A typical cow horse turn is done on the outside hind leg. However, as a horse develops speed in the turn, centrifugal force will cause him to […]

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