Written by Constance Brown Last week in the pasture along the creek by the dying cottonwood thicket, I stood on my horse’s off side combing brambles from his tattered mane. Looking forward toward his head I saw the back of his right ear. Silhouetted against the blue Wyoming sky, it formed a perfect crescent. The […]

If Wishes Were Horses

Barbara Weiss has been a student of Natural Horsemanship for five years. She has come to believe that Natural Horsemanship is the best path to training, riding, or simply “being” with a horse. Natural Horsemanship, she believes is about honest, thoughtful exploration between horse and rider. “If Wishes Were Horses” examines this kind of exploration. […]

Cowboy John

Ol’ Joe jumped up in the gooseneck With Dunny, side by side Even the horses seemed fired up To take this little ride We were goin’ to see a man My pard had heard about He’d heard he could get one goin’ Without a jerk or shout When come to caballo relations, We’d take what […]

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