EH No.24 July/August 2005

Finding the Sweet Spot by Martin Black (read online)  Martin discusses the importance of finding a spot where your horse can move more freely. The Reata: The Gritty World of Rawhide. Are You Cowboy Enough? by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver  Learn about the mystique, construction and payoffs of this traditional piece of equipment. Part 4: Laterally […]

EH No.21 January/February 2005

Developing the Stop by Martin Black (read online)  Martin guides you through an exercise that helps you prepare your horse to learn to get stopped. To Practice Your “Promise,” Ride the Fence by Diane Longanecker  Buck demonstrates how to use your stirrups to help your horse to move out. Introduction to Lateral Work by Wendy […]

EH No.20 November/December 2004

What Kind of Experience Will Your Horse Get Out of Your Next Ride? by Martin Black (read online)  Before You Slip into Your Slicker with Buck Brannaman Buck demonstrates how to prepare your horse for the slicker and have your horse get some nice groundwork in the process. Recognize a Soft Feel by Diane Longanecker […]

EH No.19 September/October 2004

Separating Disrespect from Unknowing by Martin Black (read online)  Examine what Martin labels as one of the most misidentified problems in horsemanship. Lengthening the Topline and Underline by Wendy Murdoch  Wendy gives you an exercise that guides you through the same lengthening you are looking for in your horse’s top- and underline. Learning to Tie […]

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