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Eclectic Horseman Magazine Subscription – Recurring

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You’ve just found Eclectic Horseman, the bi-monthly magazine dedicated to educating horse owners of all skill levels and disciplines. Eclectic Horseman is filled with solid information for horse owners of every skill level and takes a balanced approach to your education.


Every issue features detailed how-to articles from a number of top trainers and clinicians as well as thought-provoking philosophical stories. Eclectic Horseman is different from any other horse publication on the market.

How-To Articles With:

  •  Horse training tips with the best in the business.
  •  Detailed step-by-step articles teaching readers how to perform specific tasks or accomplish certain goals with their horse.
  • Articles covering a variety of levels, one for beginners, one for more advanced riders.
  • Easy to follow photos layouts and diagrams for you to follow.


  • Exploring how craftsmen create the equipment we use on our horses and ourselves.
  • Looking outside traditional understandings: biomechanics, body movement, holistic medicines.
  • Studies and reprints of ancient horsemanship texts to learn from the masters of the past.

Philosophical Articles:

  • Anecdotes from talented horsemen that teach a horsemanship lesson or experience.
  • Exploring why horses have certain reactions and why some methods are more effective.
  • Stories that teach how to build a better relationship through understanding and communication.

1 review for Eclectic Horseman Magazine Subscription – Recurring

  1. dnr1202

    I really have found this magazine to be thoroughly engrossing. It is the only horse magazine ( actually the only magazine period) that I read in its entirety. Heck I even enjoy the ads.
    The experts who write the articles are actually experts, how novel in the magazine world. Good job Eclectic Horseman, good job!

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