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Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping with Martin Black

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From the Great Basin Tradition Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping with Martin Black

Martin Black’s family has maintained the ranching tradition on the same ranch since 1865. His great grandfather grew up with the horsemanship and roping of the vaqueros that brought their large herds of cattle to the Great Basin in the 1870s. For several generations, the style, principles and ethics have been handed down.

Martin would like to share some insight to the culture and traditions that he has lived and hopes to preserve and pass it on for others to enjoy.

This DVD showcases everyday life on a real working ranch set at the base of the beautiful Steens mountains in southeastern Oregon on the historic Alvord Ranch. Martin and Frank Dominguez show examples and explain the details of the stockmanship, horsemanship, team-work and dedication of traditional ranch-roping while accomplishing the job of summer branding.

Running Time 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Please enjoy a Sneak Preview of the DVD!

2 reviews for Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping with Martin Black

  1. ona4day

    It’s an older DVD, but it’s very well made and all the info is just as relevant now as it ever was. Martin is a weather of information on the subject!

  2. bradleyguile

    It’s pretty clear that the number of ranches that still rope and drag calves to a fire in the manner of the Gret Basin tradition are diminishing in number. Those that do, carry on a tradition that is in danger of becoming very rare. I’d like to see stockmen who think you can’t rope and drag to brand, and still maintain low stress stockmanship, watch Martin Black’s Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping. They would likely change their tune seeing Martin and his crew rope calves in a quiet manner, compared to the often stressful method associated with running calves through a calf table. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to work cattle or rope from a rodea, the exceptional horsemanship and roping skills you’ll see on this 90 minute DVD are an inspiration to horsemanship and low stress stockmanship.
    There is also a three DVD set – ‘From the Great Basin Tradition – Rodea Style Roping’ from Martin Black which includes Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping, as well as a DVD on Roping Fundamentals, and a third DVD which is 150 minutes worth of addressing common questions with detailed answers. This DVD set is likely your best value.

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