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From Deb Bennett

Size “A7” which is 7.25 X 5.25 inches, on wheat-colored cardstock, blank on the inside

Boxed, with 12 different designs in the box, total 12 cards and matching envelopes

Funny, poignant, sweet images make these cards a standout gift for horse lovers everywhere. Images have been rendered from Dr. Deb’s private collection of “best humorous horse photos.” Printed on lovely wheat-colored paper, they are elegant just as they are. You can also enjoy adding your own colors to make each one truly unique and personal. The off-white paper lets you use every color in your box, including white. Twelve different designs with captions appropriate for friendship, thank-you, announcements, anniversaries.

Captions include: “Good Old Friends”, “Cheerful Willing Good Worker”; “God Made ’Em Cuter Upside-Down”, “May I Pl-e-e-e-ease Have a Carrot”, “We Always Put Our Best Hoof Forward”, “Whoa There – I Need My Morning Coffee,” “Just Scratchin’ Where it Itches”, “Old Friends – Best of Friends”, “Pure Mischief”, “Ain’t Lyin’ Down on the Job”, “A Fella Can Get Mighty Thirsty on a Hot Day,” and “Ain’t I Just Somethin’”.


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