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Understanding The Flag with Joe Wolter

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The Flag has become one of the most popular horse training tools, but few understand its use the way Joe Wolter does.

Join Joe in the corral as he explains how to effectively handle the Flag and use it with meaning and purpose. Watch as he demonstrates and makes clear how the Flag can help overcome problems and prepare the horse for further training. Then sit down with Joe between corral sessions for further explanations and insights.

From beginning to end, riders of all levels and disciplines will find a wealth of information in this essential video.

Topics include:
• Proper handling of the Flag
• Helping the horse accept the Flag
• Preparing the horse to be saddled
• Preparing the horse to be tied
• Getting the horse ready to rope off
• Separating horses from one another
• Following a feel
• Getting the feet unstuck
• The importance of changing eyes
• Catching a loose horse
• Helping the horse so he can help you
• Tips for keeping you and your horse safe

And much more…

DVD, 1:42 runtime, Title music by Mike Beck

1 review for Understanding The Flag with Joe Wolter

  1. joeparker

    Understanding the flag is a brilliant dvd, the depth, meaning and enthusiasm that are in all of Joe Wolter’s videos don’t just answer the questions you have, but also get you thinking and excited for what is next with your horses, this dvd has not only helped me improve my horsemanship, it has also helped me become a more forgiving and effective teacher. I would definitely recommend this dvd to anyone looking to improve any type of relationship.

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