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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.1 – Winter 2009


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Only 10 single copies of this DVD left in stock. After they are sold, this DVD will only be available in a set with the other first four DVDs.

Winter 2009 – Premiere Issue
Table of Contents:

Cow Horse Turnarounds with Buck Brannaman
Handling Young Horses on Foot Part 1 with Bryan Neubert
Cow Work Exercises – Riding Around the Herd with Joe Wolter
Introduction to Rope Types with Scott Grosskopf
Hackamore Safety and Tips with Richard Caldwell
Finding and Understanding Your Hips with Wendy Murdoch
Profile of Equestrian Pencil Artist Karmel Timmons


The Horseman’s Gazette is a quarterly DVD-series and complement to our print magazine, The Eclectic Horseman.Watch the familiar faces from its pages, listen to their voices, and witness their expertise with your own eyes and ears. We’ll also introduce you to new horsemen and -women who are out in the world working for the horse, educating riders to a deeper understanding and respect for ways of working with horses that work with their nature, not in spite of it.

Each issue will be sold separately for $35 per DVD or as a subscription of 4 DVDs a year.

In this first issue you will see a colt make a change as he is prepared to be saddled, watch the changes in expression as a horse hooks on to a cow, observe as a rider discovers how to change her body position to get in better harmony with her horse’s movement, and marvel as a world-renowned artist uses a pencil to capture the spirit and essence of a horse before your very eyes. Chock-full of information for all students of horsemanship, it is your seat on the fence to how the best trainers in the business work with their horses and their students.

Using the technology in a way you can view the table of contents and “flip” to whatever story grabs your interest to study, we’ll give you 2 hours and 30 minutes of solid instructional material as well as thought-provoking insights to keep you busy until the next issue.

Please enjoy a sneak preview of this DVD:


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