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Eclectic Horseman Issue No.110


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November/December 2019

Ask a Horseman Questions Answered By Buck Brannaman
Enjoy some answers to common rider questions from horseman Buck Brannaman.

Handling Spooks on the Trail By Tom Moates
Learn some strategies for dealing with a spooky horse out on the trail. Also some great preparation to try before you leave home.

Life Hacks for More Time to Ride By Scott DePaolo
Struggling with time management? Here are some helpful suggestions to help you find time to ride.

The Inspiration Behind the Children’s Mule Packing Series By Liz Hughey
Meet the author of the fabulously fun series of children’s books.

Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable By Kim Stone
A detailed clinic report from a annual clinic experience with Martin Black.

Downward Transitions Should Not Be Passive By Steve Bauhr
Some helpful thoughts on riding downward transitions.

Learning How to Learn By Cosette Moormans
Another installment from Legacy of Legends scholarship recipient Cosette Moormans chronicling her horsemanship journey and experience starting a colt at the annual horsemanship gathering.

Happy 90th Birthday Milly Hunt Porter
Fun family photos from this celebratory gathering.

Comfort Can Only Come From Directing By Ross Jacobs
Another thought provoking essay about communication with some great points to consider.

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