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Eclectic Horseman Issue No.107

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May/June 2019

Inside Rein – Outside Leg By Martin Black
The connection between the inside rein and the outside leg is an important one. Martin examines how he thinks of balancing this connection.

“Hurry Up, I Want to go for a Ride!” – The Power of Task Analysis
By Deb Benett, Ph.D.
Using the task of mounting with a mounting block, Deb explores the process of learning to see what is truly happening with your horse.

The Ten Principles of Equine Behavior – Part 1 – A Conversation with Dr. Robert M. Miller and Lester Buckley Edited by Katherine Rosback
Dr. Miller and Lester Buckley discuss how equine behavior relates to our ability (or not) to work with them to accomplish our goals.

This Is Why We Call It The Uh Oh Ranch
By Cosette Moormans
In her second installment, Legacy of Legends scholarship recipient Cosette Moormans discusses her time at the Uh Oh Ranch under the tutelage of Mindy Bower. She chronicles her challenges and successes with her mule Mythril.

Preventing and Dealing With Foot Phobias Part One: Handling Foal Feet – Training for Trimming
By Heather Smith Thomas

Setting a good foundation with a young horse is important in all facets of their lives. Handling the feet in a fitting way is an opportunity for a horse to have less stress later in life when his feet are handled.

Human Ego in Horsemanship By Ross Jacobs
A thought provoking essay exploring competition, horsemanship and the human ego.

1 review for Eclectic Horseman Issue No.107

  1. monaleasaa

    I luv these magazines and the helpful articles and informative that are in them.

    My horse is a 11 year old gelding and we been together since he was 2. He’s always been a good, confident boy but the last 18 months have been really rough on him. We lost his best buddy to collic, then we had to move twice and just last month his other friend was put down because of a old leg injury. It’s been one thing after another.

    When I received this June magazine with the articles on inside leg and the Principles of Equine Behaviour it gave me something new to work with and to help get him back.

    I really enjoy your website and look forward to reading and learning more. You are so helpful in so many ways.

    Cheers Jeannette

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