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Eclectic Horseman Issue No.100

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March/April 2018

The Herd-Bound Exercise: Making Tracks, Finding Peace by Diane Longanecker
Understanding why a horse becomes herd-bound is essential to addressing the issue. Buck Brannaman demonstrates how to help a horse feel secure with the human. 

The First Week, Revisited! by Tom Moates
Bryan Neubert and Joe Wolter visit about the filming and production of The First Week colt starting DVD series.

Dave Weaver and Gwynn Turnbull Weaver: Ranch Roping/Branding Clinics by Heather Smith Thomas
What makes the Weaver’s clinics so incredible? Understand their history and the experience of roping and riding with true educators.

Care of Vaquero Gear by Steve Harris
Steve instructs the reader on proper cleaning and storage of all types of vaquero gear from bridles to saddles.

Best Horse Practices 2018 by Maddy Butcher
Find out what’s coming in this year’s event. Mark your calendars!

Bogus Ideas In Horsemanship No.3: “Thou Shalt Not Quilt” by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
Some words of encouragement for all students, and understanding why stitching together parts of different schools of horsemanship might not be the best approach.

1 review for Eclectic Horseman Issue No.100

  1. micaela.mcnulty

    This is one of my favorite issues of Eclectic Horseman Magazine so far. The first article, “The Herd-Bound Exercise” is expertly laid out – the photo sequences and diagrams accompanying the text make you feel like you were there – and I learned so much from it. As with everything Buck Brannaman teaches, each sentence speaks volumes about how to approach things from the horse’s perspective and with the horse’s needs and psychology in mind. It’s truly inspirational. I could rave about all the articles in this issue, but the one other I want to mention specifically is “Care of Vaquero Gear.” Honestly I wasn’t sure this article would be very relevant for me – I don’t use Vaquero gear and I don’t own a horse – so I was very pleasantly surprised by how interesting and educational this article was. I learned a lot, and loved reading it! I came away with a greater appreciation of caring for your horse gear, no matter what kind it may be. And from this article I found out about a great castile soap that I now use to care for my riding boots!
    Eclectic Horseman Magazine is expanding my knowledge and improving my horsemanship in so many ways. I can’t say enough good things about it. Thank you for putting together such an incredible resource for horse people across every discipline!

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