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EH Issue No.84 – Electronic Version


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July/August 2015

Developing a Strong, Supple Athelete by Jim Hicks
Jim discusses how dressage movements, lateral work in particular, can help develop your horse as an athlete regardless of discipline.

With You and Sharp by Diane Longanecker
At a recent clinic Buck Brannaman demonstrates several ways to hook a horse on to you and develop feel while on the ground.

Heeling Dummy by Martin Black
Martin offers a simple solution to help make your roping practice more productive.

Developing a Bridle Horse Through Horse Study by Alice Trindle
Intensive study and commitment result in personal growth in horse-human relationship.

La Jaquima – Ayer, Hoy y Mañana by Steve Harris
Explore this ancient equipment’s history and construction with rawhide braider.

The SURE FOOT™ Equine Stability Program by Wendy Murdoch
A simple experiment translates into a new way to help horses. 

Teaching the Two Part Turn for Better Balance. by Rachael Leigh Ory
This exercise will help your horse work from behind and create better balance.

Bryan Neubert Clinic Report by Frannie Burridge
Some thoughts from Bryan’s annual trip east to Maine.


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