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EH Issue No.74 – Electronic Version


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November/December 2013

Remembering George Michel by Martin Black
Memories of the late saddle maker George Michel, who passed away this fall.

How Horses Work – Installment #15 Turning on the “Wrong” Hind Leg: Differences Between Rollback and Spin by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
Dr. Deb examines these two maneuvers with her critical eye.

Leg Yield Inside and Out Part 2 by Wendy Murdoch
Wendy demonstrates how you can understand and perfect your leg yield on foot.

Finding Flow by Patti Hudson
Patti explores the ability to be in the moment and how that can so positively affect your time with your horse.

A Legacy of Legends Scholarship Winners­ — In Their Own Words by Ceily Highberger
Ceily shares some of her experiences from her summer working with Buck Brannaman and Mindy Bower.

Ethics of Arts & Craft by A.J. Mangum Silversmith Scott Hardy outlines what it takes for a craftsman to achieve the potential for success.



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