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Issue #68 – November/December

Quiet Pride by Jennifer Denison
Remembering Roger Clark, a much beloved member of the community who passed away in October.

Legacy of Legends 2013 by Tom Moates
What’s coming up for the third annual Legacy of Legends event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bridling Your Horse by Martin Black
Martin explores some reasons why a horse might develop a “bridling problem” and how you might adjust your approach.

Sorting Out the Canter by Wendy Murdoch
Now that you’ve mastered the trot, Wendy guides you through the canter, a sometimes challenging gait for riders.

One More on Attention by Jeff Derby
In this thoughtful essay Jeff reminds us that the eye shows us where our horse’s attention is and, therefore, where his mind is.

Revisiting Bit Basics by Sue Stuska, Ed.D.
Sue guides us through some bit basics, remembering always that the bit is a link between you and your horse.

Neubert Brothers Update by Tom Moates
A lot has changed for Jim and Luke Neubert in the past year. In this article we learn more about their current careers.

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