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EH Issue No.49- Electronic Version


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September/October 2009

Can Your Horse Survive a Fire Drill? by Martin Black
Help your horse to learn to deal with frightening
experiences is to practice getting out of them.

The Turn On the Forehand by Wendy Murdoch
Wendy walks us through the turn on the forehand. As one of the simplest lateral movements that a rider can execute, it’s a great place to start lateral work.

Athletic Stance & Seat Position by Buck Brannaman
Buck discusses rider position in general and seat position in particular as presented in his clinic in Spanaway, Washington. Compiled by Gale Nelson.

Dressage Levels for the Everyday Horseman Part 3 by Terry Church
Terry continues her examination of dressage levels and what they can mean for the average horseman.

Cowboy Dressage – An Evolution in Horsemanship by Jack Brainard
Jack explores the creative evolution in horsemanship and the connections between the Western world and classical dressage.

Now Wait Just a Minute by Jeff Derby
Jeff examines a key component to effective communication with your horse, the ability to wait.

Jeff Minor – Master Craftsman and Braider by Heather Smith Thomas
A profile of Jeff Minor and his work as well as his experiences traveling to Argentina to work with local braiders.

Cantering With the Garrocha by Alice Trindle
Alice discusses how to use cavaletti to properly prepare your horse for the challenge of cantering with the garrocha.

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