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EH Issue No.48- Electronic Version


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July/August 2009

To Spur or Not to Spur? by Martin Black
Martin explores how to use spurs to have them be meaningful and effectively used with your horse.

The Garrocha: a tool for Aspiring Horsemen by Alice Trindle
Learn more about this instrument of fine Spanish riding and stock handling, and explore how it might improve your skills in the saddle.

Separating Hind From Front by Buck Brannaman
Buck’s thoughts on separating the front quarters from the hindquarters as presented in his clinic in Spanaway, Washington. Compiled by Gale Nelson.

Dressage Levels for the Everyday Horseman Part 2 by Terry Church
Terry continues her examination of dressage levels and what they can mean for the average horseman.

A Tribute to Sally Swift by Wendy Murdoch
Legendary instructor and author Sally Swift passed away on April 2. Tribute is from former apprentices, Wendy Murdoch.

West Nile Virus by Sue Stuska Ed.D.
Sue explains this equine ailment’s causes and treatments.

A Review of Honest Horses by Tom Moates
Tom reviews this book by Paula Morin, which examines the wild horses of the Great Basin.

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