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EH Issue No.38 – Electronic Version


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November/December 2007

Features: Hobbling Your Horse Part 2 by Gale Nelson
Steps to safely put hobbles on for the first time for three-way and two-way hobbles.

Stop Holding On by Martin Black
Martin discusses how the making of a hackamore or bridle horse is dependant in great part on the timing and feel of the rider’s hands.

A Do-it-yourself Guide to Good Leg Position by Wendy Murdoch
Searching for perfect leg position? Wendy offers some simple adjustments to help you find it on your own.

Community: Jeremiah Watt – Something Different by Doreen Shumpert
A profile of how craftsman Jeremiah Watt started and built his successful gear business.

Horse Travel Books by Tom Moates
Tom Moates introduces us to a wonderful world of equine travel literature with excerpts from two fantastic books.

Horsemanship Essays: The Seeds of Horsemanship by Jan Young
Jan Young offers a unique metaphor for the journey of developing good horsemanship.

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