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EH Issue No.31 – Electronic Version


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September/October 2006

The Reaching Exercise with Buck Brannaman
This exercise helps you develop a clear feeling for your horse’s feet. Develop timing and the ability to direct clearly.

Some Horses in My Life by Bryan Neubert
Bryan shares the experiences he’s had with “wearing out the buck” in colts who develop the pattern of bucking when first saddled.

Trading Physical Scars for Mental Scars by Martin Black
Being comfortable physically “well fed, groomed and stabled” does not always make for a mentally comfortable horse.

Contact: It’s Not About The Reins by Wendy Murdoch
The next step in our series about rider’s aids, the often misunderstood and often abused concept of contact.

Riding the Historic Alvord Ranch with Martin Black by Steve Bell
Lessons learned on a weeklong clinic of branding and stockmanship in

First Trail Ride With Others by Tom Moates
An excerpt from Tom’s new book Discovering Natural Horsemanship – A Beginner’s Odyssey.

Deworming That Works by Sue Stuska Ed.D.
Make a sensible deworming plan that works for you and your horses.

Are We Feeding Our Horse’s Fears? by Bonnie Brindle
Being afraid is a common issue with new and even seasoned riders who have had an accident. Learn some strategies to overcome fear.

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