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EH Issue No.23 – Electronic Version


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May/June 2005

The Ray Hunt Appreciation Clinic
Riders and spectators gathered from around the country to show their appreciation for master horseman, Ray Hunt.

The Buckaroo Saddle by Jim Overstreet
Jim takes a look back in time to the origins of a saddle style that is widely popular today, the Wade.

The Best of Both Worlds by Gale Nelson
Gale visits with the winner of the 2004 NRHA Horse & Rider Rookie of the Year award, Rae Ann Svedberg.

Doubling and It’s Importance by Martin Black
Martin defines his interpretation and understanding of this movement and describes it’s importance in his riding.

Showing Off a Day’s Work by Doreen Shumpert
The AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse Class provides an arena for those who might not be familiar with the typical show scene.

Observations on Wild Horses by Emily Kitching
Interview with Dr. Sue Stuska, Wildlife Biologist about her observations of the horses of Cape Lookout National Seashore.

Laterally Related Part 3 by Wendy Murdoch
A characteristic grouping of circular movements such as the spin, rollback, pieroutte, and many more.

Beyond Cues by Clay Wright
An essay from Clay Wright about the search for a deeper level of communication with your horse.

Feeling of a Horse by Tom Motes
Tom explores the expression “to feel of a horse” and shares his understanding of the concept.


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