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EH Issue No.104 – Electronic Version


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November/December 2018

Margaret Dorrance Photos and Obituary

The Progressions of the Soft Feel with Buck Brannaman
Buck walks the reader through the progression of the soft feel from asking for it from the ground at a standstill to carrying it through walk-canter transitions and much more.

What I Learned About “Turn Loose” From Cancer by Jim Hicks
Jim discusses the challenges and lessons from his battle with cancer.

Influencing The Horse’s Chemistry to Our Benefit by Martin Black and Dr. Stephen Peters
Understanding how the cricket in a traditional bridle bit can affect a change in your horse in more than one way.

Visits… with Bryan Neubert Part 2 by Pat Gleeson
Some thoughts from Pat on riding with Bryan at his home ranch in Alturas, California.

Translating the Work: An Interview With Milly Hunt Porter, Part Three by Donnette Hicks
Understanding the life and history of the writer who made possible two of the greatest print resources on horsemanship.

Learning About the Mystery of Riding Your Horse’s Feet by Dave Ellis
Many great horsemanship teachers use the concept of riding your horse’s feet in their teaching… Dave examines how you can put that into practice.

Readiness: Metaphor #1 by Connie Crawford
Luke Neubert uses the game of pool as a metaphor for how he wants a horse to feel ready to move in any direction.

Saddling Fallacies Part 2: Historical Riding Styles by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
A rich look into the history of riding style, saddles and gear from various historical time periods.

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