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Introduction to Rope Types with Scott Grosskopf


Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue

Which rope to handle? Montana cowboy and owner of Buckaroo Businesses Scott Grosskopf shows us a sample of his collection and discusses how to choose the right rope for the job. Factors such as rope material, length, number of strands, direction of twist and the type of hondo used create a large variety of tools to choose from.

Ropes are usually made of nylon, polyester or rawhide. These materials behave in their own way depending on the environmental conditions and wear differently. Ropes can have three or four strands – the more strands they have, the heavier and smoother the rope. Generally ropes are built with a right twist and are meant for right-handed use. A left twist rope not only coils differently but also prevents improper wear and chaffing when dallying in the opposite direction. Hondos can be tied or made of rawhide. The length and shape of the hondo affect not only how your loop opens but how it closes as well.

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