Handling Weanlings on Foot – Part 1 with Bryan Neubert

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue

A great finish often comes from a great start. Bryan Neubert demonstrates how he introduces himself to two weanlings on foot. He begins with basic skills such as catching and haltering, then progresses to preparation for saddling. A flag can be used as an extension of your arm to accustom a young horse to being touched while staying at a safe distance. Knowing how and when horses may kick is a valuable skill to have, especially when dealing with a flighty colt.

Bryan discusses some factors to consider during this process such as the nature and upbringing of the colts, and the benefit of working with multiple horses at a time. A nervous horse can draw support from the presence of other horses. This is also a great opportunity to teach a horse how to stand away from the herd with confidence.

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