Finding and Understanding Your Hips with Wendy Murdoch

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Premiere Issue

A good seat is an important aspect to any good rider. An better understanding of anatomy may help you to improve your seat and balance in the saddle. Wendy Murdoch helps a student develop a greater awareness of her hip joints and how they function in relation to riding. The hip joint includes the pelvis and femur which sits and rotates within the hip socket.

First off, they locate the hips from different angles in order to have a three-dimensional view of where the pelvis sits. With this new understanding, the rider was able to make changes in positioning of her hips that resulted in a longer leg and a more comfortable seat. They also located the horse’s hip joint, which is often mistaken for the point of the pelvis.

As the rider improved her seat, the quality of her horse’s movement improved as well. Building a path of muscle memory will help you move easily from your old position to the new. Soon, you’ll find yourself in a better balance all the time.

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