EH No.90 July/August 2016

The Mystery of the “Two Rein” The Philosophy Behind the Practice by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver
Learn about the stage of traditional education that bridges the gap between hackamore and bridle.

Not Just About Roping by Kristi Fredrickson
Kristi Fredrickson demonstrates how to check your horse out from the fence with a rope. Exposing your horse to a rope can have a multitude of benefits.

The La Guériniére Square by Wendy Murdoch
Wendy Murdoch introduces the concept and terminology from dressage masters to help you develop correct position to develop balance.

History of the Shoofly by Martin Black
Learn some of the history behind this unique piece of buckaroo equipment.

The Elements of Straightness by Jim Hicks
Where can you go without straightness? Jim explores one of the foundations of good riding.

Bryan & Luke Neubert Maine Clinic by Connie Crawford
Learn about this unusual father-son clinic event held in Maine last year.

2016 Wrangler Brannaman Pro-Am Vaquero Roping
Get ready for another great year of roping and gear!

Margaret Dorrance Visits About a New Video by Tom Moates
Learn about this exciting new DVD release of vintage Tom Dorrance instruction.

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