EH No.89 May/June 2016

The Six Progressions: An Introduction to the Half-Circle/Teardrop Exercise by Diane Longanecker
A series of exercises that teach a multitude of helpful things; from flexion, to timing, to lead changes.

Creating a Musical Freestyle by Jim Hicks
Jim explores the value of creating a musical freestyle; you can experience the joy of dancing with a horse and work with an expressive medium to prepare an entertaining and artistic performance.

Buck Brannaman’s Sheridan, Wyoming, Colt Starting by Alicia Byberg-Landman
A colt starting clinic like no-other. Colts with no bad experiences and skilled, confident riders makes for a great start and great watching.

When Do We Transition? by Martin Black
Martin discusses the importance of timing and experience when transitioning from hackamore, to two-rein, to bridle.

Is My Horse Backing Up Or Just Going Backwards? by Dave Ellis
Discovering the difference between the two might make a big difference to your horse… and your horsemanship.

The Great Basin Buckaroo Gathering by Maddy Butcher
Learn about what worked well in last year’s event and what’s new in this year’s!

Why Read The Art of Riding a Horse by Sherilyn Allen, VMD
What does a book written over 300 years ago have to tell us about horsemanship today? Quite a bit says translator Sherilyn Allen.

Mule Talk Part 3 by Tom Moates
Tom and Brad visit about the challenges of working with mules and some specific success stories.

Saints and Crosses by A.J. Mangum
Craftsmen Ernie Marsh and Wilson Capron discuss traditional bit styles and cheek designs.

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