EH No.88 March/April 2016

Getting Your Horse Slicker Broke … and Then Some by Bryan Neubert
Bryan walks us through a helpful exercise that can help a horse in several fundamental ways.

Skeletal Maturation in Horses – Part 2: The Timing of Skeletal Maturity by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
Dr. Deb returns to an anatomical subject to help readers make good decisions about starting horses.

Subtle Contact by A.J. Mangum
Ernie Marsh explains the connection between horsemanship and spur design.

Mule Chat Part 2 with Brad Cameron by Tom Moates 
Tom and Brad visit about the challenges of working with mules and some specific success stories.

Dressage Principles for the Horseman by Kim Stone
Enjoy a report about a clinic with Jim Hicks.

The Forgotten Horse – an Essay by Alessandra Hochuli
Learn about a rescue horse who taught her owner a lot about horsemanship.

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