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EH No.87 January/February 2016


Finding Balance with Joe Wolter by Patti Hudson
Joe demonstrates how you might use a rope on a hind foot as a tool to help your horse find a willing frame of mind.

Skeletal Maturation in Horses – Part 1: Bone Development  by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
Dr. Deb returns to an anatomical subject to help readers make good decisions about when to start young horses.

Top of the West Horse Sale with MSU and UMW by Tom Moates
This year’s upcoming sale will feature solid horses started by students. Learn more about the colts from last year and why this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Hand Positions – In and Out of the Box by Martin Black
In order to arrive where we want with our horses, sometimes we have to leave what were told behind and listen to what the horse is telling us he needs.

Hackamores Part 2:  Materials, Dimensions and Methods of Construction by Steve Harris
Learn even more from Steve about this traditional type of gear.

A Legacy of Learning by Patti Hudson
Learn more about the selection process for scholarship recipients and look forward to this year’s event.

Meet John Schutte by Tom Moates
Meet the multitalented cowboy and artist, John Schutte.

Rigging Insight with John Willemsma  by A.J. Mangum
Oklahoma saddlemaker John Willemsma sheds light on a fundamental part of a saddle’s architecture.

Coaching with Respect by Jim Hicks
Jim discusses how he assesses the needs of each individual rider.

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