EH No.80 November/December 2014

Riding With a Flag by Paul Dietz
Paul offers some ideas to help prepare you to ride with a flag and ways that it can improve your riding and communication.

Eight Days in Dayton:A One-of-a-Kind Colt-Starting Opportunity by Diane Longanecker
Learn about a unique colt starting clinic with Buck Brannaman in Dayton, Washington.

Picking a Partner (Part 2) with Joe Wolter by Patti Hudson
Joe offers some suggestions for evaluating a horse to see if he will be a match for your abilities and what you would like to do.

Autonomic Nervous Systems by Maddy Butcher Gray

Footfall of a Turnaround by Martin Black

Reader Profile: Dr. Carlos Ponferrada by Tom Moates

Clinic Report: Lester Buckley’s East Coast Open Horsemanship Clinic 2014

Quality Control with Saddlemaker Chuck Stormes by A.J. Mangum

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