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EH No.70 March/April 2013


cover70.jpgRating Speed In the Lope by Martin Black
Martin offers some suggestions on how to speed up a horse that is too slow in the lope and how to slow one down that is too fast.

An Inseparable Pair — Learning to Feel Through Contrast by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver
Gwynn explores some concepts fundamental to good horsemanship.

Curiosity & Craft ­­ Dave Alderson’s Neverending Pursuit of Knowledge by A.J. Mangum
Idaho silversmith Dave Alderson has built his career upon the premise that an artist must devote himself to a never-ending pursuit of knowledge.

Sorting Out the Canter Part 2 by Wendy Murdoch
Wendy continues her examination of the canter and common problems such as swinging legs, slapping seat and rushing transitions.

How Horses Work – Installment #13 Insights Into the Canter: Setting Up and Striking Off by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
Dr. Deb turns her gaze on the ever challenging gait: the canter.

Exclusive Book Excerpt by Tom Moates 
Read the chapter “Ideal vs. Adverse Conditions: Part 1 The Wreck” from Tom’s forthcoming book due out later this spring.

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